Cup Club

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Cup Club


Cup Club is a year long subscription where you get a one-of-a-kind cup quarterly. Thats 4 cups to add to your collection over the course of a year!! New cups will ship approximately every 3 months, arriving in February, May, August and November.

There are three options for Cup Club Members:
—-> Wild + Whacky - an exploration of all sorts of shapes, patterns and colors
—-> Tried + True - these cups have been around the block
—-> Mixed Bag - a mix of the Wild + Whacky and the Tried + True options

My hope is that the Cup Club will provide members a year-long cool cup experience!

Shipping + Handling is a flat fee of $55, this covers all 4 shipments.

* If you place your order no later than January 14th, 2019, you will receive your first cup in February 2019!

** Let me know if this is a gift and I’ll snail mail you a handmade gift certificate.

*** Please don’t forget to choose ‘local pickup’ or ‘Club Subscription Shipping + Handling’ at checkout.

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